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NextHome, is a national real estate brand empowering it’s boutique brokerages with consumer-focused technology and marketing, aimed to be revolutionary in the industry, in order to ensure the new needs and demands of today’s consumer are not only met, but exceeded. And, at NextHome Lifestyles, we’re excited to have the opportunity to bring this progressive idea to “make real estate modern” to the homebuyers and sellers of Silicon Valley. It’s our mission to focus on shifting the industry’s orthodox style of transacting real estate to a modern approach where technology is combined with the knowledge and experience related to home buying, selling and homeownership.

Visit our quaint office in Willow Glen and you'll notice that we mean what we say...our agents present themselves with an outgoing, friendly vibe and possess all the technology and local market knowledge to help ensure that we not only meet our clients' expectations, but also exceed them. 

NextHome Lifestyles is operated by Brad Gill and Mike Gill, father and son Realtors with over 45 years of combined experience, who have established themselves in their marketplaces with a trustworthy brand for providing great service and results.

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